Forever Family Photo Shoot!


superman 2

superman 3

superman 4

Superman 5

superman 6


We had our first family photo shoot as a “forever family”. These were suppose to be done before Callen’s Adoption Day party so that we could display them near the guest sign in, but rainy July got in the way so we had to wait. It was hot and humid outside, but Callen was perfect for the first half then he was over it for the second half. I prayed about how to make these photos special because I originally had no idea and then Etsy popped into my heart and the rest is history. We have been very blessed with great photography and memorable moments to capture our joy. Callen is the perfect picture model and we believe God intervenes to seal the deal that His greatness cannot be denied…He created this family so all glory goes to Him. We are blessed!

The good news is: Callen also learned to crawl this weekend…he is mobile. We praise the Lord for a healthy and strong baby! We knew he was abnormally strong, so we expected it to be only a matter of time. No teeth yet, but he is all over the place!

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  1. Oh my goodness he is adorable!!!! God bless him and you. I think I’ve come across your blog before, my daughter is currently struggling with autoimmune disease (lupus? still getting diagnosed).


    • This is the absolute cutest thing ever!!! The theme is adorable! You have a breathtakingly beautiful family! I’m praising God right along with you that he is healthy and strong !


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