So many emotions..



My husband and I leave for Vegas for three days and I am already feeling separation anxiety from my son.  I know we need that time together and after all he has been through, he deserves a break, but I know I will miss the little things so I have mixed emotions about two nights without my baby.  The neurotic prays nothing catastrophic happens and my goal is to appreciate the vacation, but I am thankful for Facetime and other forms of communication to help ease the pain.

Secondly, I am anticipating my first Mother’s Day after three years of infertility.  More important that that, I am eager to celebrate our first Birth Mother’s Day or day of the woman that gave our son life.  So thankful for her sacrifice and love…she is amazing!  A better post about her later.

Thirdly, our boy is growing so fast.  We saw his pure joy in a jumperoo at his sitter’s so my husband convinced me to go out tonight and buy one for him.  We are calling it his Adoption Day gift because around this time next month he will be officially ours. 

Everyday I am growing more in knowledge of the importance of this adoption and the accepting of God’s perfect plan in me not getting pregnant.
The good news is: I so often forget that creating a baby is so much more than genetics…God created our son in the best way possible then led us to Him and our new family. We were made for this.

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  1. Jules,
    The feeling that you have never goes away! It never gets easy leaving you child/children. We all as parents think ahhhgggggghhh i need a break… Right??? But the moment we leave them its all we think about. It will be hard your first time… But i cant express how important it is to not lose touch with your relationship with Nate outside of parenthood! You will worry, feel guilty, you may even cry but when you feel those things just try and imagine how exciting it will be to see him when you return 🙂
    Love ya girl
    Enjoy your trip you all deserve it


  2. Thanks, ladies. I think Vegas is the perfect place to go when you leave your baby for the first time because I kept thinking how I don’t want him to see me here…not a family vacation kinda place for the most part. I freaked at every bit of the plane shaking thinking that I have so much more to live for knowing he is waiting at home, but overall, did pretty well. I have yet to recover from the lack of sleep and hope to catch up this weekend 🙂 I agree, Jen, that our marriage has to be a priority and it is just what we needed to reconnect with each other and make new memories not baby related. We did spend half our time looking at baby pics and baby videos and talking about seeing him soon…I think every dollar we gambled we kept hoping it was a dollar extra for his college fund! Good times and I am not in any hurry to go back 🙂


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