Adoption: Step One


A lot of people have questions about adoption since so many of us don’t know anyone that has been on this journey.  I was right there with you.  I could list on one hand the number of couples I knew that had adopted a child before six months ago.  Now, it seems I am meeting more people considering or going on this journey with us.  Let me just say, everything I write about adoption is my journey and just like having a child biologically, everyone’s experience is different.  Some couples go through a private adoption, some through international adoption, others choose to foster to adopt, but we are embarking on a domestic-open adoption.  We have chosen to go through a Texas agency (the domestic part), but also are fully aware that it could be completely open which largely depends on the birth mother.  The way we have chosen to adopt is more expensive, but we will definitely get an infant and possibly sooner than later.

So step one in our journey was finding an agency.  This step was pretty easy because our agency found us.  Over a year ago, Nathan and I chose to volunteer with Lake Pointe youth in Mesquite.  We were getting to know the youth minister there and telling him about our struggles to conceive.  At that time, we were just struggling, but felt we still had time and just needed to be patient.  One night, randomly, he slips me the website information for AIM adoption in Houston.  I was not looking to adopt and thought it was strange that he would even suggest it, but he followed it with “If you ever need it”.  Flash forward a year later….and we decided on AIM as our agency.

We did not look anywhere else besides AIM.  We glanced through websites and sent out inquiry information, but none of those locations felt right.  Each one felt complicated or disconnected.  It took us a while to get on the same page with AIM because we kept missing each other…I even questioned at one time if that was a sign that it was not meant to be, but eventually we drove down to meet them for a quick orientation in April and it all clicked.  I left with panic because the drive to Houston was overwhelming at first, but God calmed me and redirected me to trust Him and the peace returned when I surrendered.  I look back and see Him at work again because so many things could have occured and we would not be there today.  We have been told that God knows where your baby is and He is leading you to find him/her.  So, we begin the process of finding our baby and we know it will be through AIM adoption agency in Houston.  We love that they see this process as a ministry and in every meeting we pray about this journey.  God had to orchestrate a LONG series of events, but through obedience we are following Him to this agency and we have such peace about it!  It feels good to know that step one: find an agency is complete.

The good news is: when you are following God’s will there is such an unmistakeable peace about things that should leave you anxious.  We don’t know when, how, where, etc about the birth and adoption of our child, but we have peace that this is His plan and He will reveal what we need to know as we need to know it.

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  1. It is so amazing the people that the Lord puts in our path! Sounds like a wonderful match between your family and that agency. Praying that you find your little blessing soon.


  2. You are so right and we are faithfully following. I really enjoyed reading your blog about being pregnant with Lupus. It opened my eyes and I appreciate your honesty. I know your two babies are worth it all and you would do it again in an instant.


  3. I started from the beginning of your blog this morning- and just finished (I had a loooong break in-between..haha ;). Thank you for sharing this journey with us. Ya’ll are on my mind frequently and in my prayers. I loved reading every single word. You are such a strong woman of faith- and I honestly learn so much from you, your words, and actions. You are definitely a blessing to my life….and will be to your precious baby to come.


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