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How Far Would you Go to Save the Marriage?


My husband has for a long time had issues with the time I spend on social media. He often says I would choose my phone over him and feels he is second place to my Facebook.

I feel my time on my device has days where it gets excessive, but nothing out of control. My biggest issue is my focus. I find myself wanting to be accessible which often distracts me, but when I am busy the phone is not an issue.

However, to prove my love I deactivated my Facebook account so I can focus on my marriage. We shall see if it makes a difference, but it will at least prove I care enough to listen to his opinion and get outvof my comfort zone please him.

So far I have learned I have way more my time not on Facebook.😁

Share the things you love!


I try to share more about Jesus without being pushy or in your face. I know several people connect Jesus with church/religion and have hard feelings. I never want to isolate anyone with a stereotype, but Jesus is the most important part of my life and He is worth sharing. However, I also share other things I love like Camp Gladiator and funny comedians and nice cocktails and friends and my family.

Today I shared something magical. A bag of Lucky Charm marshmallows only! Yes only the marshmallows.

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General Mills Lucky Charms,

You are welcome!

Christmas Clutter? And to Elf or no Elf?

Christmas Clutter? And to Elf or no Elf?

Sometimes people confuse me. The same people that put up Christmas decor on October 1st because “it made them happy” are the same people that took it down at 12:01 on 12/26 because it is too much clutter and Christmas is over. Now, your house is your business, but is Christmas really clutter?

Now I love my Fall decor and LOVE Thanksgiving most of all! What is better than food, faith, football and thankfulness? Orange is my favorite color so my house is beautiful all of October and November. Jesus birth is a gift, but Christmas can be stressful so I embrace the THANKS and indulge in neutrals! When Christmas pops up, then I replace orange with red. Other than the tree, I an just putting one color over another and when it is all take down then my old stuff goes back up…where is the clutter?

Why the rush? If it made you happy in October then let it make you happy in January! Am I missing something? After Christmas calm is the best time to appreciate the season!

Side note: My son loves the magic of this Elf and Sip is fun especially as we get creative and cater to my what son loves…but when it is time to go…that Christmas joy kill can be gone! We would never give it up…but he is our only clutter!