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Party Girl!


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I am wrapping up my 12th year of teaching this week and I cannot be more ready to spend EVERY day with this guy! It will make my days a little more toddler-ish, but I am excited to sing songs, read books, swim and explore new things. He is about to be 18 months and is more fun than ever. Talking up a storm, learning new things and growing more into a boy and less of a baby. A little bit sad for this mama that is trying to hold him as much as possible and pick him up whenever I can, but thankful that he is developing healthily because we have so many reasons to thank God! (I might end this blog and go rock him again).

My Lupus is under control right now and I feel better than ever! I get to fully enjoy this mommy thing. We still keep in contact with his birth parents and now birth brother every few weeks. In addition, he is becoming a favorite at our church even practicing how to pray while we eat.

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Tyn eyes

I am feeling so good in fact that I decided to host my first ever Younique Party with my friend from work. I NEVER do parties of any kind. I am not a salesperson and really do not have the desire to be. I am finding out that once this party is over, I am going to put down my phone for awhile. I want to be available to answer questions, take orders, give hints etc. but I do not envy anyone in sales because it is a full time all the time job! Those that do it right are on call 24/7–at least that is how the big bucks grow bigger and you can keep them because it is hard work! Tyn eyes 3<a

Younique is famous for their 3D lashes. Instead of looking at a model's eyes…take a look at mine! I am sure with more practice they could be even better, but I see a difference from my regular mascara so I call them my going out eyes!

I love the mascara, but I love the pigments on my eyes just as much. I have fallen for the shimmer pigments because they make any night more fun. Although my husband is not happy with the time I have spent sharing this product, he is happy with the results of his more confident and more sassy wife. In the end I dress for him! I feel like Picasso getting ready at night.

Truthfully, make up does not make you beautiful…the good Lord created you, but I feel girly, confident and fresh and that is always a good thing. This company has a great skincare line as well that I am now exploring including tinted moisturizer to replace your foundation that can leave creases and can cover up scars, tattoos and Lupus rashes, Rosewater for rejuvenation and Primer that I am excited to try. If you are enticed or curious then check out my party good until this FRIDAY! I don't make much off the sales, but I rarely find good things that I want to share with others and since you cannot buy it in the store–then I have to share it through the party.
Here is the party link. Go crazy shopping, but just do it before midnight on Friday June 6th, 2014 so that I get the points 🙂

The good news is: As much as I have been sharing about this make up, it makes me a little sad that I am not more on fire about Jesus in this way. I am sure people would begin to avoid me like they want to do with this ten day party, but I love Jesus way more than I love this make up and yet I don't speak of him nearly as often. It really got me thinking about what I am willing to share and speak up about, but it also gave me the chance to write this blog. Jesus is the reason I get to splurge on make up, enjoy good skin and He created me and will continue to show His beauty through me. I pray that if you see something nice on the outside that you see much more on the inside because if not then the outside does not matter.