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Post Pet Peeve


I get so annoyed with the posts that say “My _______ is better than yours.” We have all seen them. My best friend, my school, my mom, my husband… First, I know they are not serious but you can share your happiness without putting down mine. Second, you don’t know my mom so how can you say for sure.? Third, it just feels competitive in nature rather than cliche or cute.

Again, just my opinion.

Why not say “I love my mom” or “My mom is the best ” or “Blessed with a great mom. ” Do we really need to bring every person that reads your post into it? We can all shine and be happy for each other. Every time I read one…I rarely smile even though I know it is meant to be funny.

Again, I know I am taking something silly too seriously, but needed to speak out about how this makes me feel…you all may carry on😁😜 If you disagree then just remember “My blog is better….” Just kidding!!