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Saying YES to God



So you may remember, we put our house on the market in February. It was sold a week later and we closed in March. Moved into grandma’s until May then moved into our new home and finally got everything settled and decorated by July. Yes, it finally feels like home. For a girl that resisted and prayed against the move it was God’s will and I can see that now. We save money by not going out as much…I cook way more since it is easier. We have more time as a family and the area is beautiful. I fought the change but am thankful I said yes to God.
I accepted a position as a Literacy Specialist which took me out of my comfort zone in the classroom. I felt God calling me to this position but I do not like change and I had already moved three times in six months. I know God has me here for a purpose but I still really miss the relationships of a classroom. I still feel lost and love when I get to sub, but on weekends when I am playing with my son I know it was what God called me to do. I can be present with him and I have been called to do a lot for the school to help others. It has been a blessing to have the time and energy to help others rather than drowning in my own mess. Glad I said yes. image
Finally, amazing how God works when you obey. Our church is planting a new church in Kaufman and needs member to help start it. God knew we would be there so the pieces are starting to fit. Awesome to see the changes make sense when you were blindly going where we felt he was leading. I have a feeling my job may change in the future as well but I am still in prayer for that direction. We are leaving a great community group and people for Jesus but we know new relationships will be built. imageimage

For a girl who hates change she has had her fill of it. But change is inevitable so I must learn to embrace it. I am thankful God has chosen us and I am relieved we said yes. Be in prayer with us for the things yet to come!imageimage

New House Update


My original plan was to write this deeply felt post about our old house and have pics of each room and memories we shared, but I did not expect that the computer would be moved out and the Internet would be gone. The weekend of April 5th was a blur of emotions as we packed up and moved out.image
We immediately moved into grandma’s vacant house which has been a blessing. We have been very comfortable and it is close to all of our family. The only setback is we mostly have lived out of boxes as all of her things are still here and her stove hates me. We eat off of paper plates, use plastic forks and rotate my cookware. It has been an adventure and Callen has done very well!

We are set to close on our new house in the next two days. I am not looking forward to the longer drive and the adjustment of not being around the corner from a store and our family, but I do look forward to creating a new normal and making the house a home. image

The good news is: God’s fingerprints are all over this new house and I know that He has been growing my faithfulness in this process. Any place that we are all together will be perfect!

A Major Move and why the Facebook Fast was needed


The biggest reason the Facebook fast was necessary is that it brought clarity and peace for a difficult decision…The Tyndalls are Moving!!


My husband threw a curveball last summer that he wanted to heavily pursue moving.  He felt we could get the best investment for our house now and that we would regret it five years from now when the market is not as great if we stayed.  He has always dreamed of living on an acre and he felt the time was right to pursue it.

Cue panic attacks from me.  Could we afford it?  What about the inconvenience? The drive time?  The increased distance means time away from our families and more time driving.  We already purchased a St. Lucia trip and other trips that could not be moved and would decrease our savings…I did not want the change.  We fought so hard about it that I thought we would divorce.  He moved forward with a call to a realtor and began boxing things and requiring we set back a portion of our paycheck for the new house…I had other plans for that money so it turned into a war.  A big war.  I questioned everything.  But after a week of silence we recommitted to doing this life together and holding off on moving for now.  We asked the realtor to help us prepare the house for the future, send us listings from a nearby city, but we would wait and pray about it…that was in September and we stuck to our word.  We did not a timeline, but we prayed to the one who did.  We had our eye on a budget and two home choices: a custom built one further out in a city thirty minutes away or a ready made one fifteen minutes away.  We waited and the more we waited the more it seemed the further city had more to offer us.

We talked to people that lived there and people that we trusted and I began to feel more at peace with our decision, but the prices kept going up.  It began to make more sense to build.  My husband called the company Thursday 2/12 to ask about starting the process and he informed us prices were going up in a week and we could buy one that was already being built or wait two months until the next phase at a much higher cost.  We knew the model home we wanted and they only had one for sale.  We agreed to go see it, but only take it if it had a three car garage, indoor and outdoor fireplace, hard wood floors and a brick color that we loved.  Almost impossible desires and these were all major upgrades and not likely to all be there.  We went on Saturday 2/14 and laughed when every single one of them was being built in this house…crazy how God created our home and was already building it.  When we arrived, our son said “Hi home” and it was on a street called Riverside which is the street I spent my college years on and has always been special to me (I want to write a book called “Just another day on Riverside”..true story…that name has always stuck with me.

Other cars were looking at this house too so we thought it may be a long shot that it is still there. We were also not sure what we needed to pay up front and the color choices inside…would we have any say? Nathan called the sales agent after church and our realtor and the guy said he could hold it for us to come look at it.  We left that afternoon at 2 and had bought a house by five on 2/15.

Our current house was on the market by 2/20 and we have had at least six showings in two days and are boxing this place as we speak.  Our new home will be built by May and we will move in his grandmother’s vacant house if this one sells soon like we hope.

Cue today:

All this happened in the last thirty days.  I needed to be unplugged to have time for it all and to be at peace with it.  I know God was preparing me for these changes.  So much has worked out beyond my wildest expectations and is a seal that God hears prayers and His timing is perfect.   I will post more soon about my love of the house we are selling.  It is really hard to leave, but needed.