The latest report shows the miracle of immediate CPR saved the life of Buffalo Bill Damar Hamlin. What a praise!! It feels like the USA became “one nation under God” as we all stopped and prayed for this athlete. ESPN prayed, Bengals prayed, Bills prayed, all NFL prayed-social media prayed!

So what a gift from God to answer this prayer and see he is getting better. We worship and praise God for this miracle!

But it leads to the next question that is no doubt on the heart of anyone that has faced a tragedy. Where was my miracle? Why did my friend not live or get healed?

Truth is no one knows. God is powerful and sovereign, but this side of earth we may never know why some things heal and some things die. My pastor lead a devo that put it beautifully. Watch it here:


If you are asking these hard questions, you are not alone. Even mature Christians wrestle with this subject. We can pray for each other as God shows us his character and truth. I hope to be more in awe of Him as I get to know Him better each day.

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