Monthly Archives: December 2022

Mom So Hard


I blogged earlier about traveling with these friends and ALL our kids. What I forgot to mention was how they each inspired me to see them in their mom role. Often our times together look more like the movie Bad Moms. We drink our parenting problems away as we vent and support each other through life. However on this trip I got a front row seat to how hard they each mom in unique ways.

Two mommed hard in the teenage phase. Dealing with hard conversations and boundaries while also exploring independence.

One was still in the littles phase while rubbing her daughter’s back to sleep and fixing her hair.

One amazed me with her awareness to allergies and health issues. I stared in awe as each meal was planned out.

Another handled a medical condition like a boss checking blood sugars and insulin levels.

Each of us doing the best we can, but having the support of each other. This is what being a mom should be like. Admiring each other as we parent that specific child to meet his or her needs in that specific environment. There is no one way or right way-but oh what a difference it makes when we celebrate and cheer each other on.

Keep momming hard! You are doing it right!

Determination and Grit


This guy made a commitment to run a half marathon in October. He had no clue he would get a respiratory infection 2 weeks before the race. He stayed true to his commitment and finished the race! He is the most disciplined man I know. Proud to call him mine.

Power of a Puppy


Puppies are challenging, especially these two. They chew, they snatch food, they pretend to not be potty trained. They can be bad.

But sometimes, they can be the calm in the storm.

Sometimes they are the laugh we did not know we needed.

Sometimes the power of a puppy is immeasurable. God knew what we needed when we said yes to two imperfect puppies. He knew we needed the perfect chaos.

Love Hate Relationship


I love how this creature lights up my son’s face every morning in his no-holds-barred-belief that this elf is for him.

But oh how I hate the pressure to be creative and remember to move him and then not give away the secret that keeps the magic alive.

Tomorrow is Sip’s last day and I hate how Callen will miss him and maybe not believe in him returning next year-which would be bitter sweet. So tonight I cling to this season and appreciate how I could do this for my son these last 5 years.

Best Worst Decision Ever


We knew we were ready for a family pet after losing both our puggles Anna and Izzy. Little did we know we would take on two puppies! Twice the accidents, twice the barking, twice the chewing, twice the sneaking food and they tag team to get their demands.

But at night, when they are exhausted, they are twice the love and peace that our hearts are full.

Power of Village Parenting


These three ladies and I committed 20 years ago to grow old together. Through children, marriage, divorce, hospitalization and more we have kept that promise. In this season of life, we are committed to each other and our kids. All four of us village parenting the highs and the lows together. Cheering, listening, crying and never judging. Sure we will make mistakes, but we will learn from them. So thankful to have this village behind me. We need each other.