Lights out


The electricity on this block went out for over an hour on Spring Break. An hour people! Our usual staying up late, watching movies, eating popcorn and playing games was put on hold at 9pm and it was dark. We are the smart ones and had one working flashlight ready. 20 batteries but none are good. Go us!

All I could think about was my milk and my cell phone. Would the charge last until the morning? How do I get my car out of the garage? Should I go to the car and charge it? How much gas will that use? Will my son and I survive staring at each other? Why is it so dark where we live? In the middle of that last thought…it came back on so thankfully we will never know. But I did learn why farmers went to bed when the sun goes down back in the day…because there ain’t much to do at night with no electricity and one flashlight!

Thank you God for creating Thomas Edison and his light bulb. He is the real MVP or 2022!

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