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I did a new thing tonight and tried my first cycling class in like 10 years. First, cycling has changed a lot in those 10 years. It use to be okay to just look like you are working hard…now there is a screen that calls you out when you slack. Now there are lights and fancy technology and weights WITH cycling.

Mind blown.

Feels part club and part gym, but it is full intensity and very good workout. I have a feeling my legs will be sore especially since I have not worked out in 3 months.

Strongly encourage you to grab your friends and make it a girls night! Get your workout on for mind clarity and body workout!

Lupus and Keeping it Real


I am going to be honest. I will never know if I have Covid because the symptoms feel like Lupus. Yesterday I began to get what felt like a migraine. Light hurt my eyes and I had a massive headache. Started running a fever and felt achy then began to just feel worn down.

Was I getting sick? Who knows but it hurt and hurt bad. I took a bunch of meds…Sinus pills, Advil, Prednisone and did a nasal rinse. Slowly starting to feel better, but if I ever had Covid then I would have no clue without a test.

Lupus can be tricky like that. Deceptive. Sneaky. Painful. If you suffer from an autoimmune disease I feel for you…it is hard especially with Covid around right now!

Word of the Year


For the past 8 years, rather than have a resolution, I have listened for a word to guide me. It is a spiritual thing. God chooses it and most years it is a word that stretches me.

2020 was vulnerable. It led me to foster care, Covid and Brene Brown.

2021 was grace. It guided me through a tough season in marriage, addiction and boundaries at work.

2022 will be Joy! Joy in the midst of circumstances. Joy when I feel it and when I don’t.

Joy if this beauty survives another year and Joy if she does not. Joy if I get better and Joy if it gets worse…Joy in a successful or failed marriage. Joy because of Jesus…nothing more or less.

Health Update


Still no weight loss answers, but up to 102 from 98 pounds so go me! Slowly starting to get back into Camp Gladiator, but added the virtual option so I can go at my own pace. Dressing the weight loss since it is my new normal. Hoping and praying it is nothing more serious and I am fool for not seeking the answers. I feel light headed sometimes but I am small so that makes sense. Really striving to be closer to Jesus and hoping his wisdom brings me clarity to seek the right doctors.

Lupus and inflammation will always be in my story, but hoping to get on the right meds to feel good and take care of my temple.

Pray with me!

Christmas Cards


I had one goal this year and that was to send a Christmas card. Social media has destroyed this tradition since you can just post photos on the Internet, but I feel cards can be a gift for those that you do not see or buy for and they are a blessing and a keepsake.

You can make the cards into a scrapbook of the journey. Some years I realize that the couple is now divorced or sadly gone and helps me to live in the moment and fight for relationships. Other times they are prayers for the people I love. I love looking back on our old cards and consider them art! So although I had not done a card since 2016…we did one this year and hope to keep the tradition alive!

Christmas Clutter? And to Elf or no Elf?

Christmas Clutter? And to Elf or no Elf?

Sometimes people confuse me. The same people that put up Christmas decor on October 1st because “it made them happy” are the same people that took it down at 12:01 on 12/26 because it is too much clutter and Christmas is over. Now, your house is your business, but is Christmas really clutter?

Now I love my Fall decor and LOVE Thanksgiving most of all! What is better than food, faith, football and thankfulness? Orange is my favorite color so my house is beautiful all of October and November. Jesus birth is a gift, but Christmas can be stressful so I embrace the THANKS and indulge in neutrals! When Christmas pops up, then I replace orange with red. Other than the tree, I an just putting one color over another and when it is all take down then my old stuff goes back up…where is the clutter?

Why the rush? If it made you happy in October then let it make you happy in January! Am I missing something? After Christmas calm is the best time to appreciate the season!

Side note: My son loves the magic of this Elf and Sip is fun especially as we get creative and cater to my what son loves…but when it is time to go…that Christmas joy kill can be gone! We would never give it up…but he is our only clutter!

The Magic of Christmas


Something about this year felt extra special. 2021 gave us some scares and helped me appreciate the time we have together. I learned to not take the moments, the memories and the people for granted. I really went all in to the atmosphere this year and loved the process as much as the product.

Definitely love Christmas as a parent way more!!