Mammogram Moment


Since I am super fortunate to be over 40, I get free mammograms with my insurance. My insurance costs so much that I be sure to get all the preventative free stuff that I can possibly get. In addition, mammograms are a must! I have sadly known at least 5 people personally battle breast cancer (a couple younger than me) and many many others that are friends of friends. We can catch it early and should take advantage of yearly checkups.

So today was my special day where I got my second mammogram of my life. I go to Solis which makes it super easy and comfortable, but may there be many blessings poured out on that sweet tech lady that has the near impossible task of finding enough breast tissue to get a good image with that squeezy squeezy machine.

She is so polite and kind that she does not complain or make a joke, but man that girl is working hard to squeeze out something…anything that can get seen on a screen. I literally cannot or the image is gone. That is totally a small chested woman problem, but comical as well. No doubt I have thought about implants and days I just feel bad for my husband for enduring this chest naked (bras help A LOT). However, I already have scoliosis so I figure my back has all it can take and I work out a lot and do not need anything extra putting me in pain…so all natural it is!

I say all this to say…be sure to check yourself out no matter how embarrassing it may be. Knowing early can save your life!

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