The Power of a Tribe


These are my girls, my circle, my tribe. The friends that know my inner thoughts, darkest secrets, see me at my worst and best…the real deal. There is no judgment, no competition, it is not forced or embellished for effect. It is raw and real-whatever that may look like. Engagements, weddings, babies (11 total), diagnosis, moves, separations, adoptions, divorce, sickness…we have had each other’s backs. Cry, smile, laugh, pray, hold, vomit, LOVE, fall…all that too.  It started 14 years ago and just keeps getting better. 

If God gives you a circle of friends that make you better even when they know you best then consider yourself rich and blessed. You cannot buy this kind of authenticity. The best part is we may only see each other once every three months but we never miss a beat. We are there when it matters and it is the best feeling in the world.

The next step for our circle is adventure! It started out as dinner in the home, then we moved to restaurants, then we upgraded to a night in a hotel…we are tossing ideas now for a weekend getaway. We think we are ready. We shall see!

Bottom line is I am blessed with the best living life beside these ladies. The journey is so much better when you travel together. Cheers to 14 years of Dinner Club.

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