A Few of my Favorite Things-Lipsense


I found this gem after my cousin began selling it. I always try to support a small business so I agreed to order one and expected to be done.  However I fell in love and you can see the addiction above.

I love it because it stays all day. Seriously…all day.  Other than reapplying a clear gloss, no mirror needed for touch ups.  Swimming, working out, teaching all day-it stays!

Second, no kissing or sipping off. I hate to see my lipstick all over cups or straws and this lipstick solves that dilemma.

Finally the most important is that it does not get on my teeth. I know this is a personal one, but all my lipstick get on my teeth.  Fat lip? Inverted smile? No clue, but it is so frustrating when others have to tell me to wipe my teeth.  It leaves me self conscious and embarrassed.  I never have to worry with Lipsense! 

I purchased only warm colors that go with my skin tone and you can mix or match for unique shades.  No doubt the costs add up, but I was previously purchasing 20 dollar lip color and it left me with discolored lips, so I was ready for a change.

Stay tuned for more of my Favorite Things coming soon!

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