New House Update


My original plan was to write this deeply felt post about our old house and have pics of each room and memories we shared, but I did not expect that the computer would be moved out and the Internet would be gone. The weekend of April 5th was a blur of emotions as we packed up and moved out.image
We immediately moved into grandma’s vacant house which has been a blessing. We have been very comfortable and it is close to all of our family. The only setback is we mostly have lived out of boxes as all of her things are still here and her stove hates me. We eat off of paper plates, use plastic forks and rotate my cookware. It has been an adventure and Callen has done very well!

We are set to close on our new house in the next two days. I am not looking forward to the longer drive and the adjustment of not being around the corner from a store and our family, but I do look forward to creating a new normal and making the house a home. image

The good news is: God’s fingerprints are all over this new house and I know that He has been growing my faithfulness in this process. Any place that we are all together will be perfect!

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