Facebook Fast is Over and A Major Move!


Hard to believe, but thirty days went by rather quickly.  As much as I hated the task of staying off Facebook, it actually helped me to focus, pray and hear from God what He was trying to teach me, but I am too busy to stop and listen.  Last night, I was actually kind of scared to get back on it.  I have grown accustomed to staying out of the drama, the gossip and the envying that naturally occurs from seeing the best of best from everyone’s lives.  I did miss the major news announcements, birthdays and important life events and my friend’s opinions of them; it really is true that people post it on Facebook and assume that you know.  I also learned that people are on it way more than they say even if they are not liking or commenting.  Overall, I have to say it brought peace and perspective to my overly busy world and I learned that getting on the site is my choice and can be controlled.  I find myself checking my phone less and minding my own business more.  Crazy thing…the Facebook world went on without me and my lack of presence did not change lives as much as I thought it would.  The world still rotated and life resumed as normal-so I can let go of the fact that my comments are needed and just use it for staying in touch like it is meant to be.

The good news: The first week was really hard, so hard that I had to admit I was addicted to the site.  I thought about it all day and was very angry that I had to give it up.  After the first week though, my new normal set in and the second week was easier.  By the third and fourth week, I forgot all about it and it was actually a little disappointing that I could get back on.  I know I needed to…like being let out of rehab…you have to face the world sometime, but it felt safer without it.  I could easily choose to never use it again, but our lives are intertwined with it and most of my friends are on it so I do not want to miss out that….overall, though I learned that it is important to set limits and not idle myself with it.  In short, I learned I can live without it and that was a good thing.

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