Facebook Fast Day 5


Today has been the easiest compared to all the other days.  Now, I did find myself engrossed in Twitter for the past ten okay maybe twenty minutes.  My guilty pleasure is Mob Wives, but I have to record it because of the violent content, language and I have to fast forward through commercials and sometimes pause it to prepare for the fighting.  The show makes me want to curse, talk with an accent and fight…though I do none of those things regularly if ever.  So much drama in one reality tv show…so un-fruits of the spirit…hence it is my guilty pleasure and may be part of my next fast who knows?

Back to today, I did not have much temptation to look at it today.  Maybe I was busier or preoccupied or maybe just used to it more, but it was truly not a temptation.  I have been praying about that lately (yes, a girl that watches Mob Wives prays) that Satan will increase my temptation as he knows I am seeking to change and to be prepared.  I was more ready for the attack today.  Secondly, after hearing my husband’s motivation behind all this was to spend more time together and not necessarily fix my bad habits or correct me then I see it all differently.  I see it is done with a motivation of love and not arrogance.  It humbled me that with all my flaws (see first paragraph) he wants to be with me.  Wow!  I am a woman that is wanted by my man and that is a beautiful thing and worth giving up social media.  We did discuss there could be a balance in everything and after this 30 days…now 25… then we will have to sort that out.  Feeling much more hopeful for the next 25, but I must use this time to hear what God is teaching me for all this to be worth it.

On a side note, in my attempt to be much more in the moment, I made homemade bubbles for my son.  Part dishwasher detergent, part water and part sugar…they were so pretty bomb bubbles.  Proud we took the time to do that together.  I felt less guilty about giving him a small bottle knowing I could make them again quickly versus him pouring out the store bought bubbles.  The bubbles were a happy moment for us both.

The good news is: the marriage is back on track so thanks for the prayers.  Doubt I will write for 30 days about not using Facebook, but you never know 🙂

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