Facebook Fast Day 3



Good news is the person that created this mandatory fast and I are on speaking terms again.  This is a huge milestone as the fast is still on, but at least I have someone else to talk to when I get home besides this toddler seen above.  He got a haircut today and looks so cute, but I cannot connect to Facebook to share so that the Lord for Instagram!!  In pic one above, he is saying “cheese”, pic two he is saying, “um, let’s see” then puts his finger on his chin…adorable!! and pic three he is attempting to read.  This would be SO Facebook worthy, but no can do…so this blog and Instagram will have to do!

Day three was easier like I predicted, but I have three new aha moments.  1. I found myself feeling left out because a friend is going a gender reveal (not a close friend to send me a special text, but a good enough friend that I care what she is having).  It reminded me that so many people post it to Facebook and figure they told all their friends…so you know.  I remember that is why I got on the site four years ago after refusing to for a couple of years…a friend was moving to Australia and another one was getting married and I had no idea.  Joined FB that day.  2. My husband says he does not get on it except to wish people Happy Birthday…which is so true!  I have no ideas whose birthday it is because FB reminds me.  3. I find myself messaging, texting and Instagraming way more than usual due to needing to fulfill those contacts.  I question if I am replacing one addiction with another…but still find myself on it way less and the relationships are more personal since it is one on one versus one with the world since all can see the comments.  Overall, pleased with the progress and do find myself more in the moment, but still way busier than I want to be getting things done.

The good news is: Texas weather is 75 today…a perfect day to sit on a patio, browse the apps on my phone and just chill.  Not so for me, but I raced outside with my son since my phone was useless and that was much better.  Dreading the weekend a little bit and always curious if I have posts and tagged comments waiting to be seen…think I dread more what if I don’t?  What if my month of being disconnected turns into “Oh, I had no idea you were not on it?”  It would prove my husband wrong that I am not an addict like he claims and always on it, but it would mean no one missed me which would make me feel foolish since I feel kidnapped.  We shall see in 27 days!

Big praise today that the doctor visit was a positive one for a friend and I did not find out from a post, but rather a text!!  A personal text!  I did wonder what she posted though and how everyone responded…hmmm…I do think about social media too much!

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  1. My personal experience, I dont share my sons pics of facebook or even Instagram. I only have family and close friends on FB and one friend shared my pic on her wall and her friends started commenting on it. I didnt like it, maybe I am old school but I am too scared of jerks trolling on FB and snooping on my sons pictures. Another thing I dont like is that my pictures explicity become the sites property because they archive it. I dont know you personally so maybe I have read this completely wrong, so please dont feel offended.


  2. Not offended at all and I know many people that view things like you. Posting things and making things public does open a large door for scrutiny, privacy invasion etc. I have always been pretty open about him, but I may live to regret that someday. So far it has all been a positive experience, but technology has changed quite a bit and continues to change, so being safe is a good thing.


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