I Don’t Want To!



Fun times are happening in our house as we explore the terrible twos. I have heard threes are worse, but twos have kept us pretty busy. Overall, he is a very happy and polite child as long as he is rested. It helps that he is very verbal and pretty easy going. But he is a sponge of new learning and recently he has started this thing where he crosses his arms and yells out when he does not get his way. The yelling is a little obnoxious as that “no” thing can get old quick, but the crossing his arms and shaking his head is quite funny. It is amazing how he puts it all together to create quite a scene. I finally had the phone nearby to take a pic as I know even the irritating moments will be a beautiful memory someday.

The good news is: I am giggling out loud as I can hear my husband shout “Don’t run from me!” Speaking to a toddler that loves to be outside and refuses to come back in. Ha! These are those beautiful times that make you laugh while you scream. These are the events that will be talked about when we meet his girlfriend for the first time.

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