NYE 2014


The last time we went out on New Year’s Eve was in 2011. My friend hosted a party at her home and we stayed after everyone left and talked about the future. It was the first time we had told others our leadings to adopt. They had so many questions that we could not answer, but we just knew that our family was about to change. I remember my husband and I kissed that year knowing big things were in store in 2012.

2012 brought the birth and later adoption of our son. We both stayed in with him that year as he was only 3 weeks old. The next nye, he was one and my husband worked while I dressed him in tuxedo pajamas. This year my friend calls me a week ago and says “let’s do something fun this nye”.

My first reaction was my husband was probably working and probably could not get off. But later when he confirmed that he could, my question became “How fun?”

Some research and planning brought us to our NYE 2014. We rented a hotel room at the Harbor, met for dinner then boarded a boat for a cruise/ ball drop and countdown. It was crazy cold, but the boat was enclosed and heated…perfect! Such a fun way to share the city with friends and lots of laughs. We went to the hotel afterwards and danced to live music before heading to bed. So many funny moments as a couple, with my best friend and as the four of us doing life together. I hope Callen can appreciate how much his parents enjoy being together and intend to keep making new memories both as a couple and family. Praying for big blessings for your 2015!! Happy New Year! image

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