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How the Grinch Stole Callen’s Birthday


My son is born on December 10th which makes party planning a little stressful.  It is really close to the holidays so you compete with Christmas parties, Texas weather is strange in December…last year it was literally frozen and this year I was wearing flip flops.  Indoors is the best route, but some years we could pull of outdoors if we were brave enough to try. After learning that the gym I wanted to reserve only took parties for three and up, I did the dreaded house party.  Now I love a good party at the house, but I feel like I pay just as much, have to clean and have to clean up…also I feel a responsibility to entertain and make everyone happy.  Our house is nice, but does not have a whole bunch of entertaining things like a pool table, swing set etc.  I went with another Christmas movie theme since our house is already decorated for Christmas and we narrowed the invite list to include family and a few friends with kids Callen’s age (but not too many kids so the party could be small).  In the end, we had more adults than kids there but that made for an easier party!  Here are the pics done in love… it turned out pretty good, but I still prefer to go somewhere next year and invite all our friends!

015One game…stick the heart on the Grinch!

104 My Grinch snacks!  Super cute and easy to make.  The kids loved them!

102 Grinch cupcakes I bought from Delicious Designs bakery.

070 The amazing cake!!!  Surpassed all my expectations and was the hit of the party!

053  He opened gifts with a shirt that read “Two’s aren’t terrible…I am having a blast!”

082 078 (2) He later put on his Santa outfit for cake and more play time.  His daddy bought him this Elmo chair that has become his favorite gift.  If you look in the background you can see how our living room has become a toy box!

072  Our only family pic of the day.  I felt like a Pinteresty mom putting it all together and every little detail was done in love…Nathan worked the night before and came home to a transformed house.  There was a “make a Grinch” center, a Christmas tree table, a snowball fight with recycled paper and we used the backyard space and sunshine to play as well.  Hard to believe my baby boy chews Gummy Vitamins and is slowly growing out of his size 5 diapers!

MY Times


I have seen these End of the Year Facebook movies and MY times pop up in my Facebook feed lately. They basically take your most popular posts of the year and make one huge compilation or collage. Although, I enjoy glancing at them as I scroll down I have no intention to create one of my own. Although I am curious, I know the posts that I created this year for Facebook do not accurately show my year for two reasons.

#1 I have learned that what my friends like to see most is cute pics of my son. I probably over post him to the point I am likely hid from some people which is fine with me. He will not be this cute forever, his birth parents soak it up and really he is the majority of my life right now. I am kinda afraid if I make one it will confirm that my social life is wrapped up in a two year old or at least that is what people see.

#2 the second and real reason I do not check mine out is it would not be accurate. Facebook to me has a specific audience intended for a specific purpose. It is about living the life you want people to see. I am not fake on it, but I refuse to post drama and to be honest my life has had it even though it never made my newsfeed. Not major drama (praise God), but the truth is my husband and I have fought this year…big arguments that I questioned our direction. We have made some financial decisions that have changed our spending. My kid was sick once.  I have had my fair share of Lupus flares.  In one right now…have this red, itchy, flaky scalp that will not go away ( a new symptom).  I struggled with my walk with God. I have abandoned some unhealthy friendships. I have grieved infertility as we learn contentment with one and have grown to be fine with God’s plan. I have questioned my career path and the reality of my parent’s mortality. I have had some crazy wild girls’ nights and racy husband wife vacations….none of this would be in MY times because I did not share it publicly. I could have, but chose not to, but these things define my year as much or more than the funny stories or nostalgic moments that I posted. My title of the Facebook creation would be “My Times as I chose for you to see it”.

Saying all that I love Facebook for so many reasons. I am almost addicted because I love writing and reading and it has both. I am a fan because it gives you a way to rejoice with those who rejoice and mourn with those who mourn. People that hate on it do not appreciate that if you are my friend then I should rejoice for your success or hurt for your loss. Otherwise, we are not friends. So as we head into 2015 I choose to look forward and not back even though 2014 has been very good to me…I know the best is yet to come and I pray it is for you, too!

I am a police officer’s wife


I am a police officer’s wife.
We prayed together about the application process which included psychological evaluations, physicals, fitness tests, character witnesses, background checks, references and multiple rounds of interviews and assessments.

I am a police officer’s wife. I celebrated when he got the call that he was accepted into the academy even though it meant nine months of training, early morning classes, late nights of studying, weekends preparing equipment, stressful tests that determined your future, constant scrutiny and always being evaluated physically, mentally and emotionally to push you until you break then would dismiss you immediately if you did. You learned to handle the pressure. You learned not to break.

I am a police officer’s wife. I threw a party for his class the night they received their badges. They remembered the times of bonding and learning and growing as they were trained to do this job of criminal justice. They discussed their new locations, hours, trainers and divisions before all going their separate ways knowing they would be connected for life. An experience never to be forgotten.

I am a police officer’s wife. I hug him through a bullet proof vest when he leaves the house, consider his guns as work tools, sleep alone as he works nights, endure black out curtains as normal living, eat meals with him when I can knowing he is not always home for dinner, suffer through weekends and holidays alone and am constantly aware his shift could change at any time including his days off, location and job description. As he gets new promotions, he goes right back to the bottom of the list with the worst days off and odd hours and all that is a reward for being successful. My son and I always hug, kiss and tell him we love him as we know with his job that good bye could always be the last…for real.

I am a police officer’s wife. I refuse to watch the news as it is safer for me not to know, recognize he probably leaves out the bad parts of every story, can never sneak up on him unannounced, get jolted in my sleep when he yells out during a nightmare, strategically plan where I sit in a restaurant so he can face the door, a good day at work includes a chase or robbery or arresting a felon, being terrified when he does not answer the phone when I call or comes home late. I question his pride but realize that pride and quick decision making is what brings him home in the morning.

I am a police officer’s wife and I honor that he is doing what he loves and trust God’s protection over him at all times knowing he is safer in God’s will doing a dangerous job than he could ever be out of it doing a safe job. I treat him like the hero that he is in our four walls knowing outside of them he is cursed out, spit on, disrespected, and threatened by people that called him for help.

I am a police officer’s wife and know not every officer is good, but my husband is or tries to be along with all the other amazing people that are willing to die with him or for him in his field. It is a family that sticks together even under attack and for that I am a proud woman. I am a police officer’s wife and I would not have it any other way.