Best holiday of the year!


I love Thanksgiving above and beyond all other holidays.  Love the parade, time with family, eating the best food and watching football games all day.  Longhorn and Cowboy games are a tradition in this house (though both teams have greatly disappointed).  Above all it is a time to give thanks, be grateful and give glory to God.  It is not about gifts or music or lights or movies…it is about gratefulness and family.  What more could you ask for?  For those reading this blog that are hurting or lonelyimage or in a season of change…know this holiday is also about hope.  There will be peaks and valleys and I have shared this holiday during both… but seasons change and hope floats so I pray you know that God is not done with you yet!

The good news is: Callen enjoyed his first Thanksgiving chowing down!  He loved it all and even danced between bites!  We are so grateful to have a growing boy, healthy lives, healthy family and stable finances.  Things can change in an instant, but in this moment, all is well and we take today to give glory to God and appreciate it.

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