Let’s Talk about Two, Baby!





I bought Callen a shirt that says “Two’s aren’t terrible…I am having a blast!” This shirt sums up our experience right now. He is a runner, climber, talker, screamer, player (the good kind not the boys we hate in high school), and such a fun kid to be around. He repeats everything we say, so we have to be careful (like the time I said, “Tell daddy you are a weirdo!” and oops..he did it and I got the Care Bear stare which was not so caring). He loves to hop, climb on beds, kick his feet up Hot Dog Dance style and loves to party. Recently, his Bible school teacher did a skit where she put something on her head, sneezed and the object fell off. Well, no one knows the lesson because Callen had a field day with that trick. He began to put things on his head, sneeze and throw objects into space. The other kids saw how much he was having and joined in. She said it was hilarious, but she lost control after that…we will give his teachers our cell phone numbers and tell them to put it in their speed dial!

The good news is: He is perfectly us! Loves sports, good music, good food (he says Hmmm….this is so good!), loves to sleep (12 hours each night and a nap), loves to laugh and have a good time, and loves to pray with us then clap when the prayer is over. God blessed us big time with the child that is perfect for us!


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