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Best holiday of the year!


I love Thanksgiving above and beyond all other holidays.  Love the parade, time with family, eating the best food and watching football games all day.  Longhorn and Cowboy games are a tradition in this house (though both teams have greatly disappointed).  Above all it is a time to give thanks, be grateful and give glory to God.  It is not about gifts or music or lights or movies…it is about gratefulness and family.  What more could you ask for?  For those reading this blog that are hurting or lonelyimage or in a season of change…know this holiday is also about hope.  There will be peaks and valleys and I have shared this holiday during both… but seasons change and hope floats so I pray you know that God is not done with you yet!

The good news is: Callen enjoyed his first Thanksgiving chowing down!  He loved it all and even danced between bites!  We are so grateful to have a growing boy, healthy lives, healthy family and stable finances.  Things can change in an instant, but in this moment, all is well and we take today to give glory to God and appreciate it.

Christmas with a toddler




Christmas just got better with a toddler running around.  Every ornament becomes a toy and every decoration becomes a new object to throw.  We know we will miss this someday so we embrace it, but time out has already started as he used a ball to knock down an ornament then threw against the wall.  Our sweet angel is   clever, but mama always wins!

The good news is: He is enjoying every minute of playing with my Christmas decorations and to be honest I am enjoying watching him!

10 Years, Y’all!!




If you cannot tell, I am off for the week and finally get to catch up on some writing!  The more and more I read Jen Hatmaker, the more I realize being a writer would be my dream job even though teaching is pretty amazing, too!

I digress.  Nathan and I celebrated TEN years on November 6th!  TEN, people!  If you don’t know our story, scroll back into my files because I have shared the details there…but here is the short version.  We married as eager and God fearing whipper snappers (years 1-2), got lost along the way (I take most of the blame), were separated for TWO years–yes lived apart for a year and lived together angrily for a year (years 3-4)- had divorce papers printed and ready to go, God changed my heart then eventually changed his heart (years 4-5), miracles of all miracles we stayed together and years 6-10 have been 100 times better than the first five even though the first five had some great memories too.  I say all that to say the two years of TOUGH times are so worth the remaining (Lord willing) 20 plus that we get to share happily.

During those years 6-10 we endured a medical diagnosis of Lupus, infertility, eventually adopted and are now raising a toddler together.  We say over and over, we needed to have those rough years to make us stronger for our future and now we are in this thing together and rooted in the Lord.  Callen is a blessing from that and reaps the benefits.  God prepared us for the future generation that will carry on our legacy.  I do not regret those rebuilding years because it made our marriage stronger, but I also recognize our story is rare because most couples that endure all that we endured do not survive.  The forgiveness is tough, the waiting is tougher and a divorce would have been way easier (we stayed together because of the dogs) 🙂 .  Amazing though how God can change your heart and put a mercy beyond all understanding.  We now get to share our story with others and be a rock for couples that need to know it does not have to be perfect to be strong.

We celebrated with another half marathon in Vegas and have a few more plans up our sleeve to celebrate the BIG 1-0!!


The good news is: WE made it!!  We were so busy that neither one of us received an anniversary card or gift, but we have a toddler that is currently reprimanding the dog “Sit down, Izzy” to show for it.  He is the true benefactor and the reason God needed to knock us down to rebuild us anew.

Let’s Talk about Two, Baby!





I bought Callen a shirt that says “Two’s aren’t terrible…I am having a blast!” This shirt sums up our experience right now. He is a runner, climber, talker, screamer, player (the good kind not the boys we hate in high school), and such a fun kid to be around. He repeats everything we say, so we have to be careful (like the time I said, “Tell daddy you are a weirdo!” and oops..he did it and I got the Care Bear stare which was not so caring). He loves to hop, climb on beds, kick his feet up Hot Dog Dance style and loves to party. Recently, his Bible school teacher did a skit where she put something on her head, sneezed and the object fell off. Well, no one knows the lesson because Callen had a field day with that trick. He began to put things on his head, sneeze and throw objects into space. The other kids saw how much he was having and joined in. She said it was hilarious, but she lost control after that…we will give his teachers our cell phone numbers and tell them to put it in their speed dial!

The good news is: He is perfectly us! Loves sports, good music, good food (he says Hmmm….this is so good!), loves to sleep (12 hours each night and a nap), loves to laugh and have a good time, and loves to pray with us then clap when the prayer is over. God blessed us big time with the child that is perfect for us!