Update Two-Adoption Book


safe_image[2]I finally got around to cashing in my Shutterfly gift card and making my “How we Got to You Book” for Callen. I wanted him to have a picture book about the journey we took to find him and make him our son. I used the Shutterfly site for our Adoption Book for his birthmother, so I used them again since they were so easy. My biggest challenge is I like to customize it and that takes so much longer than just plugging pictures into one already created. I had been working on it for three hours and was on page twenty when the Internet shut down and I LOST EVERYTHING! So frustrating! The good thing is that I had the ideas and pics already pulled out, so I just had to restart and plug it all back in..sometimes the idea is the most challenging. I began the project at 10pm when Callen fell asleep and was finished by 3am…another labor of love!

It came in about a month ago and I love it. It is a picture book written for Callen that starts with day one of our adoption journey and goes through step by step of what it took to find him. He loves to have it read to him over and over and I love that it includes pictures of his birthparents as well. I hope he will use this book to understand the love that we all had in finding him. I also want to use it to help others understand our adoption journey because many people ask and it is really hard to explain.

Click here to view this photo book larger

Start your own Shutterfly Photo Book today.

The website says the above link will take you to the book…seems crazy long, but if it works then enjoy looking at it! We hope and pray that Callen will view his adoption in the positive and loving light that we do. He is a gift from God that we feel led to find and it is a miracle that he is all ours to love everyday, but has some very loving birthparents that are eager to watch him grow as well!

The good news is: God used adoption to create our family and gave us a story to tell through this book/blog!

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