When did my baby turn into a boy?



My “baby” just turned 18 months and I am trying to wrap my brain around it.  Where did the time go?  How did it all happen so quickly?  One minute I am cradling this gurgling infant in my arms and the next he is wiggling out of my lap saying “outside”.  I am sad that the baby years seem to be slipping away, but so proud that he is a healthy and growing baby boy!  I am very blessed that he is progressing on schedule, learning new things, is active and most important healthy.  He really does make being a mommy easy…almost too easy! 

Callen is a very curious kid.  He explores the world around him.  He wants to know how things work or how it fits together.  He will break a toy just to see what is on the inside.  He is not afraid.  He will climb on things, jump off things, touch things, eat things…whatever he needs to do to figure it out for himself. 



He is a talker.  He babbles about things so passionately, but then can also say a lot of words too.  He says outside, up, look, oh my, hold on, cup, snack, dog, bless you, thank you, no, yes, good girl…and so much more.  He is always ready to talk about something, but he can be shy in front of strangers.  We try to get him to do his tricks and he never will unless he knows you.  He gives high fives, fist bumps and shows his muscles…he loves to entertain us.018


He is loving.  He likes to give hugs and kisses.  He pats us on the back. He loves on the dogs and on everyone.

He has a temper.  When know when he is ready for a nap because he throws things including himself on the floor.  He gets mad easily when he is tired and small things not working drives him crazy.  He says no a lot when he is tired.

He loves to watch music videos that are educational.  His favorites right now is the animal sounds, BINGO and the Monkeys on the Bed.  He calls it “this” and he will climb on a chair to try to get to the laptop to see it.  He is addicted!


He can play with friends or by himself…both work well.  He is very easy going.  He does not cry when he gets shots, just lays still when the doctor examines him and adjusts easily to new settings.  He just started to cry when we leave, but that is only at church so far.  He goes to everything else pretty easily.

He loves to run.  He loves to walk without holding your hand.  He loves to swim. He loves to play in the park and outside for hours.  He will stop to get a drink then go right back to playing.

He loves to eat.  Everything.  He is a meat and potato kinda boy.  He is just now losing his belly a little bit even though he is still in the 16% in height.  He is learning to pray before he eats and loves to say “amen”.

I am in love and I get giddy doing his laundry, making his bed, cooking for him or buying him new clothes.  He loves music, pushing things, sounds, lights.  He is just a great kid and I praise God daily that I get to wake up and be his mom.  The cherry on top is how handsome he is.  We know beauty comes from within, so to see how loving he is on top of his killer girly lashes and blue eyes is a gift.  We love that he is loving to us and to others. 

Finally, he loves to read!  He brings us books all the time.  The same ones over and over.  He reads in the tub, so we put books in every room for him to read.  He cannot get enough of it so it makes this teacher happy.  God chose the perfect kid for us…loves the outdoors, loves sports, loves being silly, loves laughing…I am so grateful that I am his mommy and that he is our son.


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