Mommy Daddy Vacation



We were married 8 years before we adopted our son. During those 8 years, we learned how to travel! We have been fortunate to have had some great vacations to New Mexico, the Bahamas, Hawaii, Las Vegas, San Francisco, San Diego and all around the Texas area. Later, when we thought we were about to get pregnant we took a few “last vacation before a baby” trips. We went to Grand Cayman and Cozumel twice all while thinking we are going to conceive any day now. Well, last summer we were raising a six month old and chose to stay home from the beach. We were so excited to be with our child, but we had gotten spoiled with the sand, water, sun and scuba diving for so long that we missed it…a lot!


We are super fortunate that I have parents that LOVE to watch our son for multiple days. My mom is a teacher and my dad’s schedule is flexible so he can take off when needed. They yearn to watch him all the time, so our getaways are much appreciated. This summer we chose to book a trip to Cabo Mexico and take a mommy daddy vacation. We would love to take Callen someday, but we fear the plane, the luggage and the uncertainty of behavior. Right now, he is still figuring it all out so it would be way more work to have him there…we will take him someday when he can qualify for the Kids’ Club.


I know some moms that cannot fathom to leave their child for a night, but I caution them to take care of the marriage even if it is just a dinner out. We have experienced that rocky road of separation and it happens so quickly and so unexpectedly that we do what we need to do to stay connected. Even if finances are a concern, you can have some cheap dates at home when the kids go to bed or splurge on a babysitter. For us, a whole night away does the trick and this trip we made a lot of memories with each other. We went to a new place, met new people, dove into new waters to see new fish…all new experiences that we shared with each other and will keep us going for the next year. I don’t want to be one of those couples that the child leaves home and they have nothing to say…so if saving for a vacation is what it takes then we will save!


The good news is: before the baby, ending a vacation would depress me. I would cry when my husband returned to work and we were a part again. Today, the end of the vacation means more time with my baby so it is a win win. It is crazy how the first night we only talk about him, but as the hours go on we seem to open up more and reconnect on things that are more than just baby. We totally get that we are fortunate to have a sitter and have the means to do it, but it is something we set as a priority for our marriage. Putting the marriage first is worth it!!

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