Second Christmas






What a blessing to share another Christmas with our son. We were able to reflect on our Christmas from last year with our fifteen day old son. We were already blessed more than we could have imagined and this year has only brought more joy. We had bits of sadness losing both of my grandparents, but I can never complain for having them in my life for 33 years. I just wish they could have experienced the joy of Callen. Time is like that…we are not guaranteed tomorrow so we live boldly by faith today. I pray to live in the moment in 2014 and appreciate each new day as a gift. I know how quickly it all can change and in a minute you can go from normal to chaotic.

The pics above were taken by kellyaguilaraphotography. She is amazing and has taken every photo shoot of Callen from his newborn pics to our Forever Family photos to our one year and Christmas card shoot. I love how patient she is with us and how she has an eye to get just the right shot that comes out perfect. I was fortunate to get his month by month pics as he grew each new month and even made a brochure of each month including all his milestones and new advancements. The first six months were an adoption requirement, but the last six was just for my memory and baby book. I am still living as if he is our one and only and doing every little thing I can dream and hope to do…if he is our last then I would have lived it to the full. If he is not, then our second will probably only have half of this as the newness would have worn off 🙂

THe good news is: This year has been a blessing and I pray for continued good health and growth. This next year will bring some new experiences: weaning off the bottle, switching to milk and solids only, walking and running, talking both to me and back at me, figuring out his ever growing shoe and clothes size and so much more, but mostly loving, laughing and sharing our hope in Jesus Christ. Brint it on, 2014-we will live life with joy and to the fullest!

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