One Year Update



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Callen birthday




So I told you last time that I haven’t been posting much and I was right!  I left you last October with State Fair Pics and some Halloween pics.  Well, it continues to be a whirlwind, but all for good things.  He is growing like a weed…not up, but out, so I guess not really like a weed.  He has a healthy appetite and our last appointment he was 85% percentile in body weight and 22% in height.  So he may be short and stocky, but he is very strong!  Praise God he is healthy and continues to have a high tolerance to pain.  He now has six teeth and most of them we never knew came in until we feel around for them.  We are blessed.  He has no problem going to strangers, but he observes you for a good thirty minutes before he smiles or shows emotion.  He will win any staring contest-easily.  He loves to bang the drums (thanks Aunt Katie for that gift) but I think he is gifted at it.  He is taking up to ten steps, but find crawling to be easier.  He loves to talk/babble.  He loves to read.  He laughs deliriously when he is tired, so husband and I put on a big comedy show with an appreciative audience of one. 

November was his first Thanksgiving and he ate it all.  He loves to eat!  December he turned one!!  He also visited Santa for the second time and was in awe of him.  So many great memories to share with him and we know the best is yet to come!  I was six days late two weeks ago and thought I could have been pregnant even though it seemed impossible…I am never late.  I had been constantly praying about growing our family and since we cannot afford another adoption then it had to be through pregnancy.  I was getting pretty bummed about it because I always thought we would have two kids and I save everything of Callen’s in case we do.  But thinking I was pregnant brought more fear than happiness.  I fear getting really sick, have a child with special needs, having a miscarriage or long bedrest.  I fear not being well enough to take care of Callen.  I fear the financial part of we need intense hospital services.  All this to be selfishly pregnant because I want to and not because God has blessed it.  It snapped me out of my funk and made me appreciate all that I have.  If it is God’s will then another will come down the road, but I am not losing one minute dwelling on it.  I have got a healthy baby that could be my only and I refuse to miss a day.

On a Lupus note, still battling flares, and taking about 6mg of Prednisone daily which makes me gain weight as my appetite increases.  Hoping this next soccer season will keep me fit.  Ran a half marathon a month ago in Vegas.  Felt so good to say screw you Lupus and celebrating living and seizing moments that I thought at one time I couldn’t. 

We are now plugged into a great community group with church so we are growing for God with great families. I have been in a Christian funk and I am hoping this holiday will increase my desire to know Jesus more and destroy Satan’s lies that tell me I don’t do enough to please God.  Pray to let God lead me instead of me leading myself. 

We share our adoption story every chance we get and how God loves adoption and builds families through it.  Not just Plan B families until you naturally conceive, but the family you were meant to have all along.  The child created for you to parent.  I believe I was born to be Callen’s mom and every little decision led me to Him.  Awesome to look back at the last year when we learned about him, watched his first minutes of life then brought him home. Today would be the one year anniversary that he came into our home and everything changed!

Anyways, until the next time I remember to post praying for you all that God’s hand is over your journey. 

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