Happy Halloween!



So blessed to celebrate his first Halloween this year! We also got the gift of taking him to his first State Fair this month! We have been giddy with joy entering into his tenth month of life because all these new things are his and our firsts. This time last year, we still had not gotten the call that we had been chosen for him. In fact, we were simply waiting but not knowing what or whom we were waiting for or for how long. We prayed and trusted, but could not even dream because the possibilities were too big. Now, to see it all come to life is surreal and so joyful. Last year, we were talking about all the “what ifs” and now it is better than we could have imagined.

He is growing so fast. He is standing and moving around on his feet, but not walking yet. He is crawling everywhere and getting braver to go new places. He is eating more table food and making us laugh…we keep him rolling also. All in all, God’s plans were perfect and beyond what we could ask or imagine.

The good news is: we got his birth certificate today! Most parents this is a normal right of passage, but for us it was the completion of a long and difficult process. A process worth taking, but one filled with so much faith and trust that we had NO control. I have never been so led by blind faith that God was leading me to a place I did not know and honestly wished I did not have to go. In the end, we are where we are meant to be and God loves me more than I deserve.

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