Why God gave me a boy…



I love fall and I am so excited to watch football games with my son. I am not enough of a girl to know how to raise one, so I am blessed to have a boy. I like girly things such as cute clothes, perfume, jewelry, US weekly, reality television etc. But I have always been more guy than girl. Always loved sports more than dancing. I don’t have a lot of close girl friends because I found it easier to get along with the boys. Dance lessons failed me even though I finally admitted this year that I will never be a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader….I know it took a long time, but I always held out hope. Sororities were not my thing, because who can visit 100 girls in a week? I had things to do and making small talk with a bunch of girls that wanted you to suck up to them was not me…I think I made it to 55 and was proud, but they clearly did not vote for me. It went both ways…I was rejected by many girl groups and I cried, but it was my own lack of effort. If I did have a girl, the I would make her into a tomboy or she would change me into being more of a girl. Maybe I would put more effort into my nails and pedicures or learn how to bake or cook and clean to be a role model for her. I might try to sew something or at least try to host with some effort. I love a good sweat and when I am hit in the face with a soccer ball (has happened three times) then I got right back up. I often wonder why I am not a lesbian… I say all this to say that the things I naturally love fit more into the boy mold than girl mold and I am thankful for my son. I want a girl for my husband, but not quite sure I would know what to do with her.

The good news is: girls come in all shapes and sizes and I love the qualities that are in me. However, I do wish sometimes that I could do more things that I know I am suppose to do because it would make life easier for everybody!

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