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I finally got to meet my best friend’s baby today and she was beautiful, perfect and wonderfully made by the Father in Heaven. She was genuinely a little of them both, but looking more like her big brother than anyone else.  Although, I never got the gift of seeing a baby and seeing myself or my husband genetically…we do look very similar just by God’s design…what is really crazy is how much he looks like his cousin (my brother’s child) that is biologically related to me.  Weird how God works that way.   <a Anyways, it got me remembering about Callen's birth and those first moments of holding him. Her baby was born 7 pounds and just looks so small…I told her I don't think I have ever held a baby so small and she said "Oh, Callen was that small once." But he literally was not. He was born ten pounds and looked like a big baby! I think his size helped us to not be so afraid to hold him and love on him. Thankful, that we were not afraid to break him since neither of us held babies very much. We definitely believe God gave us the baby we could handle.

Another reminder of his birth came today when I opened up a gift from our care giver. We are having an adoption day party and she wanted to give us something for the occasion. The card said "Someday hhe will have his own hopes and dreams, not knowing that once upon a time you closed your eyes and dreamed to have him in your life." SO TRUE! Hard to remember, but we longed for him for many months and years before we actually met him. Infertility makes you question if you will ever be parents and then adoption causes you to question if it will be the right fit and just as special as a biological child. Lots of thinking, praying and wondering and the longer we waited the more questions and time we had to pray.

As we know, it all worked out as it was meant to be and we see him grow and change a little more each day. Thankful that her baby and our baby (Lord willing) will graduate high school the same year and we get to experience the little milestones together. It was fun to take a day to just look back and remember and reflect how faithful God was in creating our family.

The good news is: He is healthy and happy and fits perfectly into our family. All the pictures above are of our first days with Callen. Still surreal to see how much babies change in just 7 months and I am eager to see how much he changes in the next 7 months, but hopefully it is not so fast.

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  1. The first time my sister met Callen she said, “he looks just like them, and Layla looks just like me, and not you”, cool how that works out.
    I was thinking the same thing when I saw Addisen’s pic, that I can’t recall Layla ever being so small. She was healthy though, and not so small that I’d be terrified to hold her, which was a great thing.


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