We have been spoiled


Picture 806My husband and I tried unsuccessfully for three years to get pregnant. Each summer we had not conceived, we took a “this is the last summer without a baby” beach trip. We enjoyed long vacations in the Caribbean, Hawaii and Mexico appreciating that it could be our last. We drank cocktails by the beach, read our books in the sand, scuba dived and saw such amazing ocean life. We started our adventure with great cuisines and lots of live music. We simply soaked up the life of just us two knowing it could be the last. Well, we adopted our baby this December and we LOVE every minute of it except now we see that we have spoiled ourselves and this summer is ocean-less. We love our baby time and would not trade it for anything, but it is like going to the State Fair every year then one year you skip it. I am not complaining…just being honest that it is weird without any plans for a beach vacation for the first time.

I know we could go somewhere local, but if you are going to pay hundreds of dollars to travel then you may as well travel to a place where the water is blue and you are on a plane. We are already thinking of next summer when we will take Callen on our beach getaway with his passport in hand. Until then, I will listen to the Carribean music on the back porch surrounded by Tiki torches and popcorn and love on this gift from God.

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