Final Home Study


ImageOur adoption agency did their final home study this week.  Our agency is in Houston and we live in Dallas so we had to fly our social worker in and then make accomodations to pick her up and get her back to return to Houston on time.  Not much work, but the price adds up and we all have to sync our schedules so things run smoothly.  Before her arrrival, we had to baby proof our home with plug protectors, cabinet locks and all that other baby jazz.  We have lived in this home for almost nine years and can no longer get into anything!  We can’t open our own doors and we both keep forgetting about our cabinet latches so we rush to grab something then have to work to get it out.  All good for the baby, but he is still just rolling on the floor so we don’t feel the urgency to do all this right now.

The visit went flawless and our baby behaved like a perfect gentleman.  We make one more agency visit in June and then our final court date to finalize the adoption is in June.  The adoption already feels final (parents rights cannot be reinstated), but the agency has to monitor are we capable of being parents and so far so good.  Still a crazy thing to see how much work goes into proving our credibility simply because my uterus is broken…imagine how much more responsible parenting would take place if all couples had to go through this scrutiny?  It is worth it and we are counting down the days the judge confirms he is ours forever. 

We already feel like he is ours, but it will feel like sweet relief to hear the judge confirm it and then we no longer have to prove ourselves month to month.  We will always remain in contact with the agency, but now just to catch up instead of a required visit. 

We plan to throw an Adoption Day party and then celebrate for the next 18 years!

Lupus update: the latest check up shows all the blood levels still good and I started playing soccer again this season. I wear my long sleeves to avoid the sun, but already love that I am back. I missed a goal from literallly two inches from the net, but I love to be back. Thankful to God that I can still play this sport and feel normal! My baby was there cheering me on for the first time and I felt like I had a reason to play. I want him to be proud of his soccer playing mom and I have always wanted my child to grow up around sports. I want to model being physically fit and competitive…I hope he can see me score soon!

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