A Birthmother’s love…




So, tomorrow is Birthmother’s Day…a day set aside to honor the women that gave life through the miracle of adoption.   

Callen’s first mother is amazing and generous and loving.  She allowed me to be in the nursery with him first, gave me full access to the hospital and allowed me to feel him growing in her belly.  She kept me updated on every detail leading up to the birth and then gave me a bag of goodies that she had been keeping for him to have when he gets older.  I know I am blessed because many moms do not get those treasures, but Callen has a box of them . His birthmom taught me how to burp a baby and swaddle a blanket. She encouraged me when I fed him for the first time and rocked him to sleep…how difficult it must have been to help me be his mom and yet she did it.

Our greatest gift is her choice to be open.  We love that she keeps in touch and considers us family. 

  I did not hear Callen’s first cry or his heart in my stomach; she did.  She felt his first powerful kicks and knew of his tendency to party late at night and yet she still loved him enough to make a plan for us to raise him.  At times, we felt overwhelmed by our commitment to raise this child and not think twice about the lack of biology…but more than that, we are overwhelmed that she chose us to love on him every minute of every day for the rest of our lives.  What love and sacrifice!  She is the best gift in that “she made this couple a family and turned nine months into a lifetime” Today, I honor the woman that ended years of sadness with the best gift of life.  I honor the woman that followed God’s calling in the midst of her sadness so that we could find each other.  I honor the woman that felt all those amazing first things and still wanted more for him.  Amazing love!


The Good news is: I thank God for adoption and for the birth of our son.  I thank God for his birth mom and her amazing gift. I thank God that He led us to our baby and continues to lead us every step of the way including financial contentment. I am thankful that He gave us peace about letting go of conceiving so we could focus on the blessing of adoption. I am thankful that we are in this together.

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