Baby is growing so fast!


2013-02-12 16.01.44

He is figurately growing quickly, but also literally growing quickly.  He is now fourteen pounds and he is only two months old.  Strangely, he is only in the 85th percentile which means fifteeen percent of babies are bigger than him!  The thing is he keeps drinking like a thirsty cow.  We try not to immediately feed him, but he can’t be satisfied until he is fed.  There is a popular wrestler who has a catch phrase “feed me more”…that is my baby.  I even got pacifiers form MAM made with this phrase on it!  He is size six months clothing which is the saddest part of all.  Having to put away some of the smaller clothes is a bit gut wrenching.  He was never really in newborn, so for us it begins with the three month outfits.  He has only worn some outfits once, but I can still vividly see him in the outfit and just melt that I will never see him in it again.  Thankfully, there will be other outfits that take its place and new memories to be made.

My new free accessory is baby spit up.  He seems to do it at all the best times when all I can do is clean it off and walk out the door.  Strange as it is…I don’t mind it because it means I have a baby and that is a thought that I never thought I would have.  The three years of waiting felt like forever, but it was all in God’s perfect timing to lead us to him.  I have no idea what the future holds, but I know that God’s plans are perfect and any other baby at any other time would have kept us from this one at this time.  In the moment, I had no idea what I was waiting for, but looking back, he was worth the wait. 

Tonight, my husband got to help with the bedtime routine.  He works nights so this is a rare pleasure.  We read Love you Forever by Robert Munch.  The man ruined it.  Such a sentimental book that is now destroyed.  All the husband could think about was that the man had his own place, but slept in a twin size bed.  To be honest, my fifth graders already ruined it for me.  They are obsessed with which steroid the mother is using to lift her heavy son.  Either way, it is still beautiful to look my baby in the eyes and say (I want him to love me so I refuse to sing)  “I will love you forever…I will like you for always…as long as I’m living…my baby you will be.”

The good news is: this baby has turned our world upside down.  It has to if you want to do it right.  It is all about the baby simply because that is how babies go when you don’t have a nanny or nighttime nurse.  We do use family to watch him during the day, but the afternoons and evening is one of us.  Saying all that, we are taking a huge leap and booked a three day stay in Vegas.  I am reluctant to leave him for such a long time, but know we need the couple get away.  To be honest, I am looking forward to reading on an airplane, sleeping without interruptions (even though the awesome baby sleeps eight straight hours at night..sometimes ten) and just making memories with my husband that involve us two.  Likely, we will only miss him and I just pray that all goes well while we are away and we get home safely, but you can’t live in fear.  Life is meant to live.

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  1. I love that book…it’s one of my favorites (even though I can’t get through it without crying)! He is just so adorable- isn’t it crazy how fast they grow? I know you are enjoying every moment. 🙂


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