Checking In…


I am beginning my second week of being a working mom and so far so good.  I felt very welcome in my classroom and knew I was greatly missed, but I still miss my son daily.  Great family takes good care of him, so my job is to get my work done in the day and then get home to him in the afternoon.

We checked in at our adoption agency yesterday which means another three hour drive to Houston.  Callen did amazing and slept the whole way.  We also met with his birth parents and they were able to shower him with love.  It added an extra three hours to our trip driving into downtown Houston, but we know we were doing the right thing and their faces lit up to see him and us.  It was surreal to share how much he has grown in the last eight weeks.  He is healthy and happy and we are so thankful for this miracle.

We spoke with other adoptive couples and talked about how adoption was represented by both teams in the Superbowl.  We admired the children that were meant to be in our families and then gave our encouragement and wished each other well.  Nathan and I drove back the three hour drive and got home around 1 am and I woke up to go to work this morning.  Labor of love.  I appreciate him more now after experiencing these challenges together. 

The good news is: He is growing healthy and strong and we are grateful for him everyday even the fussy days and the late night ones. He was meant to be in our family and I love that the birth parents agree.

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