See you later…


I would first like to report that the family made it home safely to Dallas and we are now back in Cowboy country and no longer pretending to be Texan fans.  The “see you later” was filled with mixed emotions.  I was prepared to be an emotional wreck.  We got there around 11:30 am (after picking up goodies for the nursing staff for taking such good care of our birthparents and son).  We talked, took pics, changed him into his going home outfit and then waited.  We waited for over three hours, so by the time that we could leave after discharge…I think we were all ready to leave.  Birth mom carried him down with her in the wheel chair to the parking lot.  As I was putting him in the car seat, he had a meltdown and began screaming.  I was trying to work the carrier for the first time with a baby and then still hoping to give them both a proper good-bye.  We finally just got him strapped in while crying and ran over to hug them and give the most heartfelt “thank you” ever.  She was crying, he was crying and I was about to cry from the stress of it all.  We finally got him calmed down after a block.  My biggest concern was making sure that she knew we could handle it and not be driving away concerned.  We made it FB official that night with a post announcing that we adopted and his pic in front of our Christmas tree.  Many of our non-close friends had no idea we were even adopting.  I have become Facebook friends with them both, so I am very cautious about posting enough, but not too much during this fragile time.  They chose to friend me for a reason, so I think they want to see the joy he brings, however I don’t want to “rub it in their face” or make them miss him more than they already do.

Since we have been back, we have adjusted to his schedule of sleeping, eating, pooping then changing and falling back to sleep.  He is a great baby.  We had one bad night of crankiness, but we brought out the Rock and Play sleeper (Thank God for Marla!) and some gas medicine and he has been perfect.  We thank all of you for the prayers, support and encouragement.  Amazing how total strangers can be such a blessing with the right words at the right time.  It feels like I know you all through your words.

The good news is: It is a blessing to have him in our home and to see my husband and family love on him.  Glory to God for bringing us on this journey.  Jeremiah 29:11.

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