Callen Ryan is officially a Tyndall!


Today was paper signing day and he is officially a Tyndall.  The courts and state monitor us for six months to guarantee that we are fit parents so his official adoption day will be six months from now, but we can consider him ours as of today.  The birth parents terminated their rights and loving placed him in our care.  It is a tedious process with mixed emotions, but all went as planned and we are proud parents tonight.

Tomorrow will be bittersweet as we get to take him home.  I will really miss his birthparents.  We have hung out for the past three days together in her hospital room.  We have all really gotten to know each other and we all got along very well.  Changing our son can be a three person job and everyone pitched in to do something.  It was like a small little family all helping each other.  We just kept promising them both that tomorrow is ” see you later” and never goodbye.  I am sure tears will be shed by all.

We are so happy to be called his parents, but so humbled by their love in choosing us to parent.  I could not be called mom without them.  I will forever have them in my heart and prayers…they are my son’s first parents.  She did such a great job of developing him into the baby that he is.  Such love.  We will take our responsibility of raising him into a faithful young man of God seriously.

The only word to describe this whole process is “surreal.”  You are in this moment that you never thought you would be in then later imagining for the longest time.  We look back over it all: home studies, meetings, paperwork, interviews, meet the birthparents lunch, then the delivery, the baby wait and now bringing him home.  Our God has prepared us for every step of the way.  He gave us a birthmother that chose us then later backed out two months later, but that was no mistake…God was buying time so we could get to our son, Callen.  He needed to make us wait until He could find the perfect fit.  Our God is good.  I keep thinking of the verse “We are His workmanship made by God to do good works that He prepared us in advance to do.”  Callen has been created to do great things and our greatest accomplishment was adopting him.  We are so thankful and blessed for our heroes: his birthparents.  Greatest gift ever!  James 1:7 “Every good and perfect gift is sent from the father above.”


The good news is: What better news than that sweet face above?  God is faithful and I was never alone.  He had a plan for that miracle and led us to him.  Amazing to think that he was being conceived when we were learning of infertility.  He was growing while we were preparing paperwork and  his mother was choosing us while we were on our knees praying.  Glory goes to God!  Sorrow will endure for a night, but joy will come in the morning.

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  1. Thank you all for the encouragement. We are so blessed and enjoying this first week of his life. I spoke with the birthmother today and she is healing well. Keep them in your prayers as they adjust to life. We could not have been here without them.


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