Preparing for the Tenth


We spoke with the birthmother this week and her recent doctor’s appointment went great. She is still expecting to deliver on the tenth and we are hurriedly preparing for a baby over the holidays. Thanks to generous friends, family and strangers we have received furniture, clothes, toys and more. Nathan and I also went out and bought a lot of necessities for the nursery and home. I am now frantically moving our “junk” to make room for his ‘junk”. Never knew how much stuff we had!

I still think about our birth family all the time as I pray that things go smoothly and God’s will be done. Such a bittersweet time for us all. I am so excited to add onto our family, but know that it comes at such a sacrifice and loss for them.   I know it was God’s plan for us to adopt, but there are still so many mixed emotions.  God has prepared for our lives to meet and interconnect in such a miraculous way…yet, I still feel so small in such an extremely large plan.

This will be my last full week of teaching for the next seven weeks. I will miss my class dearly because they are a great group of kids. I pray the substitute will appreciate them and value them as much as I do. I would much rather her be too nice than too mean. I can come back and whip them back into shape, but I want them to still love school. I have pleaded with my parents to be sure the learning continues.

Right now I feel overwhelmed with the huge changes, the many unknowns and the immense outpouring of love. I know God has prepared me for this journey, but I look around my house and see so much to do. I guess every new mom feels like that, so I am no exception.

The good news is: In nine days I will meet our son!

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