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I forgot that I never posted about our famous video shoot in the Tyndall household! Well, it started earlier than I expected as I thought they were coming at nine and they showed up at eight. Satan was hard at work to create conflict and to get us regretting that we agreed to tell our story. But, our camera crew was extremely sweet and our interviewer made us comfortable immediately. We quickly forgot about the rough morning.

We were actors for eight hours as we shot take after take of all things related to that evening where a Marriage Today show started the healing in our marriage. I tell you readers…we were as done as any marriage could be. We were finished, but that one show started a series of choices that changed my heart and brought my husband a new wife. Many months later, my actions, led Nathan to make some changes and over a long period of time…a new marriage. It was not easy…the hardest thing I have ever done. I have been infertile, diagnosed with Lupus and been very sick with no answers and it was all cake compared to working on our marriage and rebuilding love where love was gone. God is a healer and He healed this broken marriage. We are hopeful that if your marriage needs a make over or you know a couple on the verge of quitting you will refer them to The resources for building a Christian marriage are endless and sometimes all we need is to study how to love your spouse better or how to give love in a selfless way.

Well, those eight hours of film were broken down into three and half minutes of a video that shows the viewers the power of God’s healing and the need of help for many struggling couples,. We know how tough it is to make a marriage work in today’s society and we both experienced how easy it was choose divorce, but there is always hope when two people are willing to work at it and learn from the creator of love how to make the relationship work. I am the most proud that we are a testimony of reconciliation and complete renewal. Our dogs even became stars as they were featured heavily throughout the video. I wish I could post it here, but the husband is still getting used to crying on camera and sharing his feelings. He will adjust soon and I hope it will be posted soon.  To be honest, I hate how I am on camera…I do weird facial expressions and my hair needs some help, but I am not ashamed of our testimony and the bad hair day will just have to stay.

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  1. I am so happy that you guys pushed through and worked on your marriage. In our society so many people just give up. Having been there, I think it is easier just to call it quits. It takes so much work to fix it but so worth it in the end. Wish we could get together one of these days. Miss and Love ya girl!


    • So true! A million reasons to quit and it is ten times more work to stay, but so worth it. I thought that we would never get over the hurt, but God has made all things new. God’s love and mercy is amazing! If you google marriage today and Nathan and Julia you can see it…but don’t tell Nathan :). I spoke with Cheryl the other day…crazy how God puts people in our lives at the right time. Cannot imagine if I had not gone to Harding…the people I would have missed. It would be good to see you!


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