Quick Update


We received an email from our social worker that a mother had chosen us to parent her child, but that it fell through.  The social worker mentioned she had a hunch that she was not committed to the process and she was right.  We are thankful that we did not have to experience this disappointment, but we are thankful to know that we are not forgotten.  Prayers are being answered that the right situation will present itself and all the desires of our hearts will be fulfilled.  My prayer all along has been to have an open adoption where the birthmother and I keep in contact for the health and future of this baby.  I also have a prayer that it might be around the holidays so that my maternity leave will coincide with those weeks off.  The ultimate prayer is that boy or girl, now or later, the baby is healthy and is uniquely created for us.  We will wait as long as it takes for God’s plan to be perfect.  We trust Him.

The good news is: we are becoming patient people.  We know God is preparing a plan where it will all make sense someday.  A song that I keep in my heart is Here I Am by Down Here.  I heard this song the day I found out that I was infertile and biological children were not in my future.  The song gave me comfort that although it does not make sense…there is a plan in all this.

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