Celebration before Back to Work


Nathan and I have been so busy this summer getting ready for this adoption.  I have truly used every day to do something and poor Nathan has been working overtime and then some to help alleviate the costs of our additions and and add-ons.  After so much work and stress we needed a break, so we took another short trip to Austin.  I have the best parents ever that watch our dogs with more love than we would give them.  In fact, our dogs hate it when we get back because they were spoiled so much…our child will feel like that too someday.

We drove down on Wednesday morning, ate at one of our favorite restaurants Maudies off Lamar.  We talked and remembered when we use to live, go to school and date in Austin.  Later, we rode bikes around White Rock Lake which turned into a nightmare when the trail ended.  We were too far to turn back, but the only way to get to our hotel was to ride down a busy street full of cars.  I was already wobbly from my bike being too tall (anytime we stopped at a light I had to throw myself off the seat or get near a curb to touch…I have bicycle seat booty as we speak and my crotch hurts-just being real), Austin is where Lance Armstrong trains since the hills give him a great workout…those same hills became my worst enemy as I was already exhausted from riding over an hour, finally we passed by a homeless camp of sleeping men and felt a little guilty whizzing by on our mountain bikes;  they were all very polite even though we woke them up if you were wondering.

After interrupting a game of catch, we took a dip in the pool to cool off before meeting great friends for dinner at Trudy’s.  We ended our night watching the Rangers game on Rainey Street before driving home the next day.  A nice mini vacay to remind ourselves of why we are doing this adoption and to remember all the memories we have shared just us two.  The bike trip was a perfect metaphor to this adoption journey.  We had so many moments we just had to stop and laugh and a few times that I could have cried.  So many moments we asked “are we doing the right thing?” but in the end, we have another hilarious story to add to our large collection and it was undoubtedlly worth it.  What more could you ask for?

The good news is: Psalm 37:4 states “Delight yourself in the Lord and God will give you the desires of your heart.”  God has placed on our hearts to adopt which is a dramatic change from the journey we began three years ago.  Our desire use to be to get pregnant and all my visions were of a safe delivery and cute maternity clothes.  Today, I envision us holding our son and daughter before a judge and giving an oath to maintain legal responsibility for this precious gift.  We are so blessed to be steps closer to fulfilling this desire and so thankful that God placed it in both our hearts at the perfect time and in the perfect season.  It will be worth the wait!

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