Pure gratefulness


Not much to report that is new, but I wanted to share some things I am grateful for:

1. Grateful to my husband that meant the vow “In sickness and in healthy”.  Little did we know we would keep it so young, but that has been our motto this past year.  Our marriage is not based on circumstance.

2. Grateful to a compassionate RE that could have convinced us to pursue costly IVF or IUI treatments on a whim that one might work.  We had already had hesitation in our heart, but his conclusions affirmed the incredible odds of either procedures being successful.  Thankful for his honesty.

3.Grateful to a God we serve that leads us one step at a time.  He prepares our hearts for each new journey and somehow brings us closer together in this process.

4. Thankful that the adoption book is complete and is uniquely us.  My grandmother said, “I feel like I know you better after reading it.”  Hallelujah!!

5. This is strange, but thankful that the money to afford adoption is in our reach.  It breaks my heart to read of couples that know this is the only way to children, but can’t afford it.  God prepared our journey before we were born.  His story has been in the works for a long time.

I could go on and on, but blogging has allowed me to see all the great things that I do have and to stop focusing on what I don’t.  

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