In the midst of identifying the categories for my last post I noticed a label “conceiving” lined up neatly with the other labels that have defined my life.   It got me thinking that I cannot imagine a post in the future that will involve writing about how we are trying to get pregnant.  Granted, I am not getting on birth control, but more because my hormone levels prove I don’t need it.  It is weird, but in that moment it was mind blowing to think how much life just changes.  At that time, that was my world and we waited month after month in anticipation of getting pregnant.  Now, we can look back and see with reflection we were waiting for the wrong thing.  It was never meant to be.

Which brings me to my next category we will no longer need (Lord willing) diagnosis.  In the process of conceiving we were led to a Lupus diagnosis.  Crazy how one unanswered prayer leads us to the answer of another.  As sad as I am about letting go of conceiving….I am filled with jubilation to let go of diagnosis.  That was also a tough time of anxiety, fear, and uncertainty.  We won’t have to endure that either.  You gottat take the good with the bad and we are fortunate to have answers.  So in honor of those two times in my life that will not likely be revisited in the future; I will label this post BOTH conceiving and diagnosis.  Farewell and good luck, but, also, thank you.

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