Piecing it all together (flashback)


Prior to the Clomid, I had my first bad blood report that I have ever had.  It was minor, but the report showed my levels of blood were slightly anemic.  My doctor was not concerned, but I was because it was affecting my ability to finish a game of soccer.  After three rounds of Clomid being unsuccessful and still feeling the fatigue of the anemia, that was enough for me to start being interested in seeing a doctor.  At the time, I had no idea that something major was wrong, but I knew things were not right.  Looking back, the diagnosis was beginning to make more sense.  I scheduled an appointment with a rheumatoidologist in hopes to learn more about the joint pain, fevers, weight loss, and fatigue.  After googling all my symptoms, I thought I had rheumatoid arthritis.  I also questioned if all of these were just side effects from the fertility drug.  I did not want a doctor to laugh me out of his office, but I also knew something was wrong and I could go longer wait to find out.

The good news is: the side effects paused me, but did not stop me.  I was able to continue strong at work, at soccer, and at life.  Most never knew I felt sick at all.  I thank God that all of this was bearable and that He slowly led me to my diagnosis.

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