Diagnosis 11/27/11


I scheduled my appointment with the Rheumatoidologist convinced that I had Rheumatoid arthritis or major side effects from a medication.  Part of me knew something was wrong the other part of me thought, “Am I overreacting?”  I went in and explained my symptoms, but kept saying that this could all be nothing and that I could be perfectly normal.  I repeatedly apologized if all my symptoms were just side effects of Clomid.  After all that I said, he narrowed in on my neck rash that had been diagnosed as a nickel allergy.  He asked me multiple questions about the rash.  I explained that I came back from Mexico and I noticed it, it itched sometimes, it went away, but has since returned.  I told him I took high doses of Predisone to get rid of it, but just recently it came back from wearing a necklace.  I didn’t see his point.

He kept focusing on that rash and questioning if it was really nickel related.  I told him that the Predisone cleared it up and I’ve since paid attention when I wear necklaces.  He wasn’t convinced and took about eight vials of blood that day to test for various things.  I left his office and thought, “My joint pain, fevers, weight loss and sickness meant nothing to him, but this stupid rash from a necklace got him all fired up?!”  I was scheduled to return the next week to discuss the blood results.  I left his office knowing nothing more than when I came in.  He said it could be rheumatoid, but he threw out the L-word, too.  He closed with, “It’s hard to say right now.”

The good news is: I had insurance and could see a specialist anytime I wanted knowing most of it was covered.  I have had to paid over a thousand dollars in out of pocket costs due to these doctors, but I’m thankful that I have NOT had to pay the over six thousand dollars the insurance has covered.  Considering, I have been paying over one hundred dollars every month for this coverage and never used it until now…I guess we’re even.

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