The Beginning…Our journey to adoption. 06/01/2010


This whole journey began when my husband and I started trying to conceive.  We were one of those couples that needed to grow in our marriage before we dared try to bring kids into the picture.  We waited for five years of marriage before we took the first step to get off birth control.  I thought the minute I stopped taking the pill…BAM…I would get pregnant.  No such luck.

A year later and we were still trying.  Two years later and we are not pregnant.  Now is the time to accept we may never be.

I’ve chosen to blog about our journey because we have learned so much from looking back.  I question what my blog would be like if I had been writing while on the journey.  Now that we know all that we know it is different.  We see where we are now versus where we had been.  The newest posts to the blog will be centered around the adoption and you will take that journey with us.  You will also be with us as we sort out the Lupus diagnosis and seek treatment for that and while we thank God that my body did not suffer what could have been a harsh pregnancy if I had gotten what I wanted…it is still hard to be told “no” but it might have saved my life.

The good new is: I have learned that we are not trying…we are trusting.  God has a different plan for us.

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