Clomid Assistance 06/01/11-11/01/11


After a year of no babies, we went to my doctor to talk about options to help us conceive.  She suggested Clomid (50 mg), not because I wasn’t ovulating, but because she thought it would help to make a healthier egg.  All my stats showed that I was ovulating every month on a perfect 28 day cycle, but since I still wasn’t pregnant, it was worth a shot.

No, it wasn’t.

Clomid was not the right drug for me.  I had a range of side effects from depression, irritability, fatigue, dry mouth etc.  We tried this drug for three months just pushing through that a baby was worth it, but in the end we learned it stopped my cycle three times and did not assist us in being pregnant.  After the third round, I refused to move up to a higher dose and we conceded that this assistance was not assisting at all.  Clomid could be a great drug for many women, but it did not work for me.

The good news is: I’m grateful that I have never had a miscarriage.  After trying so long, I don’t want to get my hopes up to be let down.  I praise God for answering that prayer.

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